Monday, December 7, 2009

Menu this week

Menu for the week of December 6th to the 11th

  • Sunday - Turkey and Dumplings with homemade turkey stock
  • Monday - Beef Stroganoff with whole wheat noodles and broccoli on the side
  • Tuesday - Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Tomato Soup, with raw veggies on the side (this is a quick dinner because Julian has his winter choir concert this night)
  • Wednesday - Oven Fried Chicken, chili corn, green salad
  • Thursday - Whole Wheat Chicken Ravioli with Tomato Sauce, Garlic Bread
  • Friday - Homemade Bean and Cheese Burritos (totally a cop out quick and easy friday night dinner, I know I'm lame)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Is there an Ark near by?

It's been raining for DAYS. I'm serious. Not, just your run of the mill, PNW, gray drizzle either. We're talking full on, cats and dogs fallin' from the sky. OH and the puddles. They are every where. And those puddles are turning into rivers that are flooding parking lots and streets and driveways.

The power was out last night for about 3 hours. I was right in the middle of making some delicious homemade cream of broccoli soup when *cough* *sputter* *darkness* happened. Uh, hello, who turned out the lights? Apparently a large tree did when it toppled over on to some essential power lines from the GAIL force winds that appeared from nowhere.

So, the soup? We're eating it tonight.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ho hum.

It's raining. It's been raining. And according to the forecast, it's going to continue to rain. It makes me want to bake cookies and bread. And make homemade soups.

My darling Husband is getting his last wisdom tooth pulled tomorrow and hunkering down in a warm house is just what the doctor ordered. I'm sure he'll spend most of the day beating off the anesthesia, slipping in and out of sleep, while I meander around the house avoiding the rain, and work! Yippee!

Obviously, I will hold off on baking, because that would be plain mean to make delicious things like the chocolate butter cookies on the cover of my new Cooks Illustrated when he won't be able to eat them. I'll be a good wife and wait until after he can eat solid foods again. So, I'm thinking next weekend I'll try the recipe.

Marty and I attended a weather spotter training last night put on by the National Weather Service. We signed up to become weather spotters. These folks help the weather service in better forecasting. They provide real time information to the weather service by calling in or reporting over the internet weather conditions in their area. By doing so the weather service can better predict weather and issue proper warnings and statements. We got a rain gauge and a snow measuring stick and boards. Hopefully we can get the rain gauge hung up soon, considering all this rain we're getting. It doesn't look like it's going to give up anytime soon either.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fork in the Road

There has been much conversation lately about the future. Where we are going, where we want to go, and more seemingly how we are going to get there. Marty and I think about the future often. Or I guess I should say we daydream about the future. We both have longing for something more. More creative. More fitting to our natures. More rewarding.

We both have our dreams and desires. We both think we know what will fill that gap between just a job and really pursuing our dreams. The conversations have been about that pursuit. They’ve been deep and serious, silly and full of laughter, quiet and reflective.

What may be more spiritually uplifting and rewarding may not be more financially rewarding, and that is scary. It is not just “us” we have to take care of… We have responsibilities that need to be at the forefront of our minds. We have a son who will be in college next year, and three more to follow in the next several years. And there is talk of adding another in the near future. But that’s another post.

Sometimes I think we get so accustom to what is comfortable, or maybe that’s just me, but we lose track of those dreams. We feel secure and safe and taking a risk, well is risky. I’m a “play it safe” kinda girl. I have always been and most likely will always be. Risk is change, and change is different, and different is not what I know and am comfortable with, and “oh my gosh” I’m overwhelmed. So, naturally, I am hesitant, and realistic and maybe even downright negative. My amazing Husband is a risk taker. He’s bold and daring, and has really challenged me to think about our future and taking a risk. I admire him so much.

We have been talking, but we’ve also been praying. Praying for God to show us our future. Set us on our path when the timing is right. To place a fork in the road to an opportunity, an opportunity to pursue those dreams we have and turn them into reality.

I feel change on the horizon.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The evolution of cover up

Last friday Marty and I headed to Tacoma to celebrate my birthday... sort of. I should say to celebrate my birthday gift since my birthday was actually monday. I've been wanting a new tattoo for some time now, and that's exactly what my sweet Husband did for me!

Shortly after I turned 18 I got my first tattoo. Then a couple years later I got another, and then another. That third one is on my back and it's undergoing cover up. I never thought I'd be one for cover up. I thought "yeah, I know what I'm doing. I'll love this forever!" That's being young for you. Thinking you know it all. Obviously, things change, and now I'm less than happy with it.

I've chosen a piece for my arm by Alphonse Mucha entitled "Dance". I am very inspired by art nouveau and the delicate nature it embraces. I love how feminine and soft his paintings are. Here is the piece that I chose for my arm.

You can see the tattoo on my back as well as the new piece that will start the cover up process. Marty had this brilliant idea about adding an umbrella turned inside out by the swirling wind. I think it turned out amazing! The tattoo artist is still working on the flowers that will cover up the existing tattoo. They will be flowing out of the umbrella.

My first session lasted three hours and all the outlining is complete. I go back in November for color on my arm. This will be my first tattoo with color and I must say I am very excited to add this element.

It will be a lengthy process totaling over 10 hours I am sure. But I am up for it and can hardly wait to go back. More progress to come....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Soap, punk rock, and a baby

I've been trying to write this post since Monday. Yes, it's Thursday Wednesday of the following week now and I still can't seem to write anything worth posting. *sigh*

So maybe I'll just get to the point? We traveled to Oregon last weekend before last to visit our new nephew, see a punk rock show, and Julian made soap with my mom.


But, seriously, how boring is that? Pretty boring if you ask me. When I am not sitting here trying to write all these fantastic stories pop into my head of how I could make this post exciting. Now I am here and meh, they are gone. What gives? Maybe I need a pocket tape recorder. Interesting idea. Can you see me now, driving the kids to school, coffee in one hand, tape recorder in the other steering with my knee? Okay, maybe not.

The weekend was great, aside from the bed we have to sleep in when we visit my mom. It's hard as a rock. We both woke up paralyzed. We recovered though. Barely.

Our new nephew, cute as a button. You know babies have this amazing power to turn you to a big mushy pile of mush. Or maybe that's me telling myself I am not getting any younger. *gulp* I held him for some time rocking and patting him until he could hold his eyes open no longer. He made me so warm and his little noises melted me. See, there is the mush again.

The show was fun... we drove into NE Portland to find this little bar called The Know, and you know there was really nothing to know about it. It was small and pretty bare inside except for a few pinball machines and a pretty good jukebox. They did serve an acceptable jack and seven, so I was happy. The show was fun and loud and you know, punk rock.

Anywho, we bailed after the band played we came to see and made our way back up to my mom's only to return to that damn bed. Ah nuts.

That evening my mom and Julian made soap. I seriously think we have a little crafter on our hands. He LOVES this kind of stuff. He made 10 bars of brightly colored and smelly good soaps. I think I may need to try this at home....

Okay, there, finally. See, I can blog.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Things I'm into lately

Kerrygold Blarney Castle cheese with bartlett pear slices.


Top Chef. WORD. I picked Jennifer. She's tough and curt and cooks like one mean mo'fo'.

Fall. Yes, the leaves are changing and I busted my coat out.

Baking bread. The smell is overwhelmingly good!

Putting the heating pad on at the bottom of the bed about 20 minutes before I get in. Can you say, INSTANT warm feet. Ahhhh.

Grizzly Bear

Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy Weekend

Weekend recap -

I did the following:
  • Baked bread
  • Baked cake
  • Cleaned BOTH bathrooms
  • Dust mopped living room, even under the couches, which revealed several kitty toys
  • Harvested several more tomatoes
  • Washed dog beds
  • Washed couch cover
  • Completed all laundry
  • Treated pets for fleas (don't ask about this, I'm still mad)
  • Swept and dusted cobwebs off front porch (Marty just did this last weekend, DAMN those fall spiders, they are quick!)
My Husband did:
  • Washed outside windows (whoot! you can see outside now)
  • Cleaned screens
  • Sanded drywall
  • Applied second coat of mud
  • Installed the hide-a-way door (it's so cute, like a hobbit door!)
  • Mowed the front and backyard jungle
  • Cleaned out flowers pots to winterize
  • Watched the Bears win! :)
  • Tore out a brick planter
  • Edged front yard by the house
We had a very productive weekend! Oh and Solomon won his game on Saturday!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lazy days of summer

Labor day has past.... the garden has been cut back... it rained most of the day yesterday. *sigh* Yes, summer is headed out the door. The cars have been covered with condensation every morning now for a good couple of weeks. *sigh* Fall is coming.

We haven't turned the heat on yet. I refuse to til the absolute last possible minute, because really, when you turn the heat on you've admitted defeat to fall. And frankly I'm just not ready to do that.

Although, I guess there are some GOOD things about fall. Like the leaves changing, pumpkin spice lattes, school starting (sorry boys), getting indoor projects done because it's too freakin' cold to be outside, and you know, Halloween.

The sun is out today, and I'll take every last drop it's willing to give us, because we all know when fall comes to town the sun heads south.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Big ideas!

I have this crazy notion that I want to sew.... I mean really sew. Not just pj bottoms and pillows. Like clothes. For real.

You see, at some point when the remodel gets finished, I will potentially have a space where I can set up my sewing machine and leave it out.

Meanwhile, I'm itching to be creative.

I want to make one of these, probably letter "A"....

In this material maybe...?

And I LOVE this pattern... I was thinking letter "A"

In this? Love deco prints!

How much fun would this be to wear on a date with my Husband?

In this material!

Ambitious much. Well, yes, yes I am!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


For My Marty

heart aglow with burning fire
eyes pursed with one desire
lips suck in the tepid air
blood surging through veins with care

sun has long past gone
down the mountain to sing her song
moon has come out to play
he expands all his glory as he may

watching you with entranced eyes
feeling the love fall from the skys
my heart is brimming with the softest embrace
my eyes seek to touch your face

my mind is filled with overwhelming adoration
nothing can break my hearts concentration
so deeply wanting to connect
feeling the love so perfect

your soul and heart are so fathomless in me
because of you beauty in the world is all i see

The sweetest thing

Marty and I grew this. Yeah, that's right. We're gardeners.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Year ONE

This is cross posted from my "other" blog.

Yesterday was our one year anniversary. What a whirlwind of a year. It felt as if I'd just turned the corner to walk down the aisle to my Groom on a warm summer evening surrounded by friends and family. But really, it was 365 days later. And I am still madly in love, more so each day.

It's the good kind of whirlwind though, the kind where you are content in life and it just moves as it's supposed to. The kind where life happens and you follow it, bouncing along like a car on a dirt road, on a summer evening, knowing you are headed in the right direction, but not sure where you are exactly going.

I feel so blessed to be where I am. To be married to a man who takes me as I am, the good, and the bad. A man who takes the time to show me he cares, to make me feel adored, and loved. Who, without even knowing it, can take my breath away with a look, a smile, or even just the sound of his voice.

I am learning much about marriage. About the relationship it sustains and surrounds. Marty has taught me so much this last year about myself. I get excited for what our future holds, it's rich jewels we have yet to discover. But for now, I'll say thank you to my Husband for loving me the way only he knows how!

Happy Anniversary Love!

Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, one will lift up his companion. But woe to him who is alone when he falls, for he has no one to help him up. Again, if two lie down together, they will keep warm; But how can one be warm alone? Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken.
Ecclesiastes 4 9:12

Thursday, July 9, 2009

An attempt to spark my inner blogger

Really. I want to blog. I do. I feel a need to share. But, WOW, I am really bad at it. Maybe my expectations for myself are too grand. Too far fetched. Maybe I just need to keep it simple.

Okay here goes.

I found a new band last week. Marty and I listen to Sirus XMU, the indie rock station, all the time. The other night this lovely song came on. The next morning, it was still ringing in my head, so I looked them up.

They are called the Avett Brothers. They are a little indie, a little country, a little bluegrass. Check them out!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A valentine to remember

Seriously, My Husband is the best. He secretly knows the way right to that soft spot in my heart that turns to mush when he enters.

This was our first Valentines Day as husband and wife. And he out did himself. Let me preface. As a child, I was HORSE crazy. As most little girls are. I wanted a pony so badly. It was my very existence. When I was about 12 or 13 my dad and his wife at the time bought a horse. She was nuts. She had previously been abused and had a history of erratic behavior. Shortly after she came home they bought another horse, who was mellow and sweet and easy. My step-sister and I were out in the corral every day. We would have slept out there if our parents would have let us. Eventually we joined a 4-h club and horses were our lives. I honestly think having a horse kept me from getting into trouble. I loved every minute of my horse life. Well, sadly, all good things must come to an end, and my dad and his wife split. We moved to Seattle and she kept my horse.

I always wanted a horse again someday. In fact I can recall a few conversations with Marty where I mentioned this. Well, being the amazing person he is, he held onto those words.

Enter a buckskin pony with a big heart and no job. He belonged to the brother of a guy who Marty works with. He was living his life away in a pasture doing nothin'. With permission of his owner I began going out to visit him. I'd take him some apples and carrots and spend some time just hanging out with him. We'd been told he was for sale, but at a price that was out of our range. Fast forward to February, he was offered to Marty at a price he couldn't resist.

And that's how Twister became my Valentine from Marty.

We are working on getting a good bond and had our first ride this last sunday. I have some video I'll post this week, I promise!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Excuses, excuses

Wow. Sorry about the lack of posting.

Obviously I am not good at blogging. I am good at lots of other things, like cooking, laundry, work, cleaning out the cat box, playing legos (according to Julian), surfin' the net, spending money, list making, reading three books at once, being a wife (I'm only writing this because my Husband says so) and numerous other things that occupy all my time there for taking away from me being good at blogging.

It's march already. Sheesh.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Have you seen January?

Obviously, I haven't since it's been almost a month since I've been here. Uh, yeah. Blogging, sure I can do that. Well, apparently not.

January was an eventful month.... kids back to school after break. It was a little hard to get back in the swing of things. I, honestly can't remember as a kid if I had trouble or not. I am sure I did, but maybe it's one of those things that you forget to make room for other crap.

Solomon got his top braces on. This was easy peasy for him. He is a tough kid.... however it was much harder on Marty and I when we saw the bill. *GASP*

We re-financed our house. This was a first for me, as Marty owned the home before he met and married me. But now, as of the 20th of January, I am a homeowner. We got a MUCH better rate and took out some moolah to remodel 2 bathrooms and the upstairs. We will, finally, have two working bathrooms and a bedroom for each kid! HA! We started by re-arranging everyone... this was interesting. We are feeling a little cramped as the office has been redispersed throughout the house for now. Yeah.... the computer is in our bedroom. Bleh. But it's only temporary.

So we tore some crappy drywall down and bought some wood to start framing in a room and a closet. It's exciting. I have visions of redecorating when it's all done. I am taking all kinds of before and after photos so I can show you just what we accomplished when we get there.

My wonderful Husband had a birthday in January too. It was very casual being he had to work a graveyard shift that night. Boo. We had mexican for dinner and his Mom made his FAVORITE cake. It's really divine. Chocolate cake with whipping cream and bananas between the layers, then frosted with whipping cream. And for those of us who despise don't care for frosting, it's lovely. We took a day trip to Port Towsend the following weekend to have lunch and go to this antique car parts shop. It is a pelethora of stuff right up my Husbands alley. He found a mirror for his old car, so he was happy!

So, now it's February and I am going to make an honest attempt to show up around here more often. Seriously. You don't believe me do you?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year

I wouldn't say it was a "resolution" but I have always wanted to learn to bake cakes from scratch. Don't get me wrong, Betty Crocker has cake in a box figured out, and in a pinch for time or an occasion of laziness boxed cake is brilliant.

But, I found this recipe and really found my inner baker yelling "whoa, you should try this!" So I did. Mine, does not look like the pictures from the recipe link. And the fact that you use a pound of butter in the frosting means it is NOT good for you to consume in large quantities or to eat a piece right before you have your cholesterol checked. Capeesh?

I gathered up my ingredients and began the LONG process. Your butter and egg whites have to be room temperature so there was some waiting for that to happen.

I opted to do a raspberry filling because the crowd I was serving does not fancy cranberries. I did, however follow the recipe using raspberries instead and found it to be a soupy mess, so I drained off the liquid and salvaged them. Next time I will make the filling a little different.

Cake batter done. It was a beautiful white color.

The cakes baked up really nice. I baked them for 37 minutes, testing the centers twice. This resulting in the centers falling a bit.

To make the butter creme the egg whites and sugar have to be warmed up over a double boiler while whisking constantly. My arm fell off after about two minutes, so my wonderful husband, Marty stepped in to take over! He saved me!

After the frosting was done you assemble and frost a crumb coat. After this point we decided to take a drive and get the kids out of the house. I, foolishly, put the frosting in the fridge. I think this is what resulted in the frosting breaking down a bit.

Here is the completed cake!

I couldn't get my chocolate the curl.... I think my vegetable peeler is on it's last leg. So I shaved it with a grater. I think it still turned out nice.

It was tasty. I love butter creme because it's not like eating plain sugar. The raspberry filling was so yummy with the cake too. I will make this recipe again!