Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Have you seen January?

Obviously, I haven't since it's been almost a month since I've been here. Uh, yeah. Blogging, sure I can do that. Well, apparently not.

January was an eventful month.... kids back to school after break. It was a little hard to get back in the swing of things. I, honestly can't remember as a kid if I had trouble or not. I am sure I did, but maybe it's one of those things that you forget to make room for other crap.

Solomon got his top braces on. This was easy peasy for him. He is a tough kid.... however it was much harder on Marty and I when we saw the bill. *GASP*

We re-financed our house. This was a first for me, as Marty owned the home before he met and married me. But now, as of the 20th of January, I am a homeowner. We got a MUCH better rate and took out some moolah to remodel 2 bathrooms and the upstairs. We will, finally, have two working bathrooms and a bedroom for each kid! HA! We started by re-arranging everyone... this was interesting. We are feeling a little cramped as the office has been redispersed throughout the house for now. Yeah.... the computer is in our bedroom. Bleh. But it's only temporary.

So we tore some crappy drywall down and bought some wood to start framing in a room and a closet. It's exciting. I have visions of redecorating when it's all done. I am taking all kinds of before and after photos so I can show you just what we accomplished when we get there.

My wonderful Husband had a birthday in January too. It was very casual being he had to work a graveyard shift that night. Boo. We had mexican for dinner and his Mom made his FAVORITE cake. It's really divine. Chocolate cake with whipping cream and bananas between the layers, then frosted with whipping cream. And for those of us who despise don't care for frosting, it's lovely. We took a day trip to Port Towsend the following weekend to have lunch and go to this antique car parts shop. It is a pelethora of stuff right up my Husbands alley. He found a mirror for his old car, so he was happy!

So, now it's February and I am going to make an honest attempt to show up around here more often. Seriously. You don't believe me do you?

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