Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What do you get a flamingo crazed girl for Christmas?

Hand painted flamingos of course! My very talented sister in law hand painted Marty and I each a bird. Mine is leopard print and Marty's has a heart with wings! I *heart* them!

Sorry about the cell phone picture... I'll try and take some better photos soon!

Whoa, sorry for the over use of the explanation point. I'll work on that.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Feliz Navidad

Christmas was wonderful at our house. The kids got up at 4:oo am. Yes, they lost their minds. However they weren't allowed to wake us until 7:00 am, 'cause we like to torture um like that. AND to make the torture worse, we have to eat breakfast first. Aren't we mean?

Santa packed the tree with goodies. The gifts spilled out from under the branches. After Marty and I got some coffee into our groggy systems, we made breakfast, (the traditional egg and bacon burritos) and then I donned my Santa hat and began the present handing out.

My husband spoiled me as usual, but my favorite gift from him was this....

That is our front door behind it, so you can tell just how big it is! I LOVE IT! He found the print, had his brother in law print it on vinyl and attach it to the board and then stained and built the frame himself. I tell you, Marty is a genius.

You can read more about the print here.

We moved a little furniture and hung it in the bedroom. Every time I walk in I can't help but stare at it.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

To sew

Both of my Granny's were excellent seamstresses. Through both of them I managed to pick up some basic sewing skills. And when I say basic I mean, I can thread the machine and I can sew in an almost straight line. Needless to say I need more practice. My good friend Allison is an excellent sewer (is that a word?) She even has, *GASP* a serger! I'm a little jealous. We have plans to make a quilt together.

Lately I have become obsessed with sewing, as you can see by the amount of sewing blogs I read on a daily basis I mind you. The idea of crafting my own clothes is VERY appealing to me.

For Christmas I made 4 pairs of PJ bottoms for my nephews and brother and sister in law. They turned out okay. Can I just tell you I hate, no despise, okay, dislike sewing on fleece very much. Uh, yeah, you can't iron that sh*t stuff. It was good for me to try something this simple to get back into the sewing swing of things.

This last summer I was at an estate sale and picked up a few vintage patterns. I intend to try one out soon. They are simple summery dresses. So I have between now and summer to try and get one done.

Monday, December 22, 2008

I like food.

So, I consider myself a "foodie". I LOVE food. I love to cook food, I love to eat food. I don't however like to do dishes which poses a problem sometimes. I am very fortunate to have a Husband who does dishes! So most of the time that solves my problem with dishes.

I baked a gazillion 5 dozen cookies this weekend. I inherited my Grandmothers "Cookie King" spritz machine. I mastered that cookie press yesterday and produced several dozen golden, buttery cookies! It really is a great little piece of machinery.

I also baked Martys favorite cookies... the Candy Cane cookie, which are very difficult and time consuming, but they are DELICIOUS! He is coveting the tin.

I tried a recipe for Mexican Almond cookies too, that, unfortunately was a disaster. I am going to attempt to make them again after Christmas. I tried twice and they flopped both times. I said some choice words and moved on.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I like pink

It's true, I like pink. I didn't always like it... But, now I do. I also like flamingos. The plastic pink kind that became popular in the late 50's by Union Products and Don Featherstone.