Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year

I wouldn't say it was a "resolution" but I have always wanted to learn to bake cakes from scratch. Don't get me wrong, Betty Crocker has cake in a box figured out, and in a pinch for time or an occasion of laziness boxed cake is brilliant.

But, I found this recipe and really found my inner baker yelling "whoa, you should try this!" So I did. Mine, does not look like the pictures from the recipe link. And the fact that you use a pound of butter in the frosting means it is NOT good for you to consume in large quantities or to eat a piece right before you have your cholesterol checked. Capeesh?

I gathered up my ingredients and began the LONG process. Your butter and egg whites have to be room temperature so there was some waiting for that to happen.

I opted to do a raspberry filling because the crowd I was serving does not fancy cranberries. I did, however follow the recipe using raspberries instead and found it to be a soupy mess, so I drained off the liquid and salvaged them. Next time I will make the filling a little different.

Cake batter done. It was a beautiful white color.

The cakes baked up really nice. I baked them for 37 minutes, testing the centers twice. This resulting in the centers falling a bit.

To make the butter creme the egg whites and sugar have to be warmed up over a double boiler while whisking constantly. My arm fell off after about two minutes, so my wonderful husband, Marty stepped in to take over! He saved me!

After the frosting was done you assemble and frost a crumb coat. After this point we decided to take a drive and get the kids out of the house. I, foolishly, put the frosting in the fridge. I think this is what resulted in the frosting breaking down a bit.

Here is the completed cake!

I couldn't get my chocolate the curl.... I think my vegetable peeler is on it's last leg. So I shaved it with a grater. I think it still turned out nice.

It was tasty. I love butter creme because it's not like eating plain sugar. The raspberry filling was so yummy with the cake too. I will make this recipe again!