Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy Weekend

Weekend recap -

I did the following:
  • Baked bread
  • Baked cake
  • Cleaned BOTH bathrooms
  • Dust mopped living room, even under the couches, which revealed several kitty toys
  • Harvested several more tomatoes
  • Washed dog beds
  • Washed couch cover
  • Completed all laundry
  • Treated pets for fleas (don't ask about this, I'm still mad)
  • Swept and dusted cobwebs off front porch (Marty just did this last weekend, DAMN those fall spiders, they are quick!)
My Husband did:
  • Washed outside windows (whoot! you can see outside now)
  • Cleaned screens
  • Sanded drywall
  • Applied second coat of mud
  • Installed the hide-a-way door (it's so cute, like a hobbit door!)
  • Mowed the front and backyard jungle
  • Cleaned out flowers pots to winterize
  • Watched the Bears win! :)
  • Tore out a brick planter
  • Edged front yard by the house
We had a very productive weekend! Oh and Solomon won his game on Saturday!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lazy days of summer

Labor day has past.... the garden has been cut back... it rained most of the day yesterday. *sigh* Yes, summer is headed out the door. The cars have been covered with condensation every morning now for a good couple of weeks. *sigh* Fall is coming.

We haven't turned the heat on yet. I refuse to til the absolute last possible minute, because really, when you turn the heat on you've admitted defeat to fall. And frankly I'm just not ready to do that.

Although, I guess there are some GOOD things about fall. Like the leaves changing, pumpkin spice lattes, school starting (sorry boys), getting indoor projects done because it's too freakin' cold to be outside, and you know, Halloween.

The sun is out today, and I'll take every last drop it's willing to give us, because we all know when fall comes to town the sun heads south.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Big ideas!

I have this crazy notion that I want to sew.... I mean really sew. Not just pj bottoms and pillows. Like clothes. For real.

You see, at some point when the remodel gets finished, I will potentially have a space where I can set up my sewing machine and leave it out.

Meanwhile, I'm itching to be creative.

I want to make one of these, probably letter "A"....

In this material maybe...?

And I LOVE this pattern... I was thinking letter "A"

In this? Love deco prints!

How much fun would this be to wear on a date with my Husband?

In this material!

Ambitious much. Well, yes, yes I am!