Thursday, October 15, 2009

Soap, punk rock, and a baby

I've been trying to write this post since Monday. Yes, it's Thursday Wednesday of the following week now and I still can't seem to write anything worth posting. *sigh*

So maybe I'll just get to the point? We traveled to Oregon last weekend before last to visit our new nephew, see a punk rock show, and Julian made soap with my mom.


But, seriously, how boring is that? Pretty boring if you ask me. When I am not sitting here trying to write all these fantastic stories pop into my head of how I could make this post exciting. Now I am here and meh, they are gone. What gives? Maybe I need a pocket tape recorder. Interesting idea. Can you see me now, driving the kids to school, coffee in one hand, tape recorder in the other steering with my knee? Okay, maybe not.

The weekend was great, aside from the bed we have to sleep in when we visit my mom. It's hard as a rock. We both woke up paralyzed. We recovered though. Barely.

Our new nephew, cute as a button. You know babies have this amazing power to turn you to a big mushy pile of mush. Or maybe that's me telling myself I am not getting any younger. *gulp* I held him for some time rocking and patting him until he could hold his eyes open no longer. He made me so warm and his little noises melted me. See, there is the mush again.

The show was fun... we drove into NE Portland to find this little bar called The Know, and you know there was really nothing to know about it. It was small and pretty bare inside except for a few pinball machines and a pretty good jukebox. They did serve an acceptable jack and seven, so I was happy. The show was fun and loud and you know, punk rock.

Anywho, we bailed after the band played we came to see and made our way back up to my mom's only to return to that damn bed. Ah nuts.

That evening my mom and Julian made soap. I seriously think we have a little crafter on our hands. He LOVES this kind of stuff. He made 10 bars of brightly colored and smelly good soaps. I think I may need to try this at home....

Okay, there, finally. See, I can blog.

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