Monday, December 22, 2008

I like food.

So, I consider myself a "foodie". I LOVE food. I love to cook food, I love to eat food. I don't however like to do dishes which poses a problem sometimes. I am very fortunate to have a Husband who does dishes! So most of the time that solves my problem with dishes.

I baked a gazillion 5 dozen cookies this weekend. I inherited my Grandmothers "Cookie King" spritz machine. I mastered that cookie press yesterday and produced several dozen golden, buttery cookies! It really is a great little piece of machinery.

I also baked Martys favorite cookies... the Candy Cane cookie, which are very difficult and time consuming, but they are DELICIOUS! He is coveting the tin.

I tried a recipe for Mexican Almond cookies too, that, unfortunately was a disaster. I am going to attempt to make them again after Christmas. I tried twice and they flopped both times. I said some choice words and moved on.

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